We participated in the Ludum Dare online event where games are made from scratch in a weekend. This one's theme was Limited Space. We started on Friday evening and finally submitted today (Monday evening).
The fonts I paired were Luckiest Guy and Nunito.

Luckiest Guy as a primary font is lively and eye-catching. It adds a fun and energetic element to the game's text.

Nunito is a clean and legible sans-serif font that can be used for body text and smaller UI elements, providing a nice contrast to Luckiest Guy.
"Blowfish Baybies" is a stunning, delightful game where players dive into the world of Winston, the diligent resident sorter at "Baybie" nursery. Winston's love for his serene job, organizing adorable baby bunnies and alligators, is at the heart of this charming experience. However, as the nursery faces a crisis with a flood of baby creatures, Winston takes the vital task of sorting them before they drift away.

What sets this game apart is Winston's unique ability to move within his limited space. Players use their mouse to rotate him by clicking and holding to unleash powerful bubble blasts. This force allows them to maneuver objects in the underwater world creatively.

But Winston isn't just blowing bubbles for fun; he's on a mission to earn points by clearing out krill from the nursery. Players must exercise caution and avoid electrified jellyfish, adding an element of challenge to the game.
With its endearing storyline and fun-filled gameplay mechanics, "Blowfish Baybies" offers players a heartwarming journey into the underwater nursery, where they must use wit, creativity, and strategy to ensure the safety and happiness of the baby creatures. Get ready for an oceanic adventure like no other!
This was created in collaboration with Matt WalakJack WessonSamuel Johnson and Jacob Fietmann.
Want to play the game we created in 72 hours?

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