Responsible AI Usage Policy for Design Lady, LLC
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like a super useful tool in marketing. It helps us make cool content and connect with customers in amazing ways. But just like superheroes need rules, we have a policy for using AI. This policy is here to help me use AI in the right way – being honest, fair, and respectful. I'm not trying to stop creative ideas, but to make sure AI use matches my values and treats customers well.
I Use AI Daily—almost
I don't use it in all of my work—but most. 
AI isn't new (You'd be surprised at those you use that you don't realize).
In the realm of innovation, being at the forefront is an exhilarating experience. As an early adopter of generative AI, I have witnessed its transformative power firsthand. Attending the inaugural generative AI conference hosted by Jasper earlier this year and sharing my insights in the SF Standard only reinforced my conviction: "Staying ahead of the curve is key."
My engagement with AI doesn't end there—I also had the opportunity to discuss its implications on a podcast a few months ago. I experimented with publishing a coffee table book about coffee by AI, where I used ChatGPT, Bard, Grammarly and Midjourney to compile information about coffee. It's called Artificial Aromas, you should purchase it and let me know what you think. 
However, I understand that AI can be an intimidating prospect for many artists in my fiercely competitive industry. Yet, we all seek tools that enhance our creative process and streamline our workflow. While the means of achieving our artistic vision may not always be apparent, transparency becomes crucial, especially when AI contributes to the final product and we are unsure about future legal implications.
I utilize generative AI in the following ways:

Inspiring Brainstorms: Surprise! Only some artists have an unceasing flow of creative ideas—or maybe they seem like it. Just as I draw inspiration from various sources, generative AI assists me in organizing my thoughts and reframing concepts, ultimately sparking new avenues of creativity.

Polishing Communication: Effective communication is essential, even in written correspondence. When composing emails, AI aids me in skillfully rewriting and refining my message. It proves invaluable when words may fail me, allowing me to articulate my thoughts with clarity and finesse.

Streamlining Artistic Processes: In my artistic endeavors, generative AI lends itself to adding generative fills or constructing components of pieces I've sketched, drawn, or composed. By incorporating client feedback, this tool facilitates quick revisions, enabling me to deliver high-quality work promptly—a benefit cherished by both clients and myself.

A Matter of Choice: I may choose not to utilize AI in certain projects. Regardless, I disclose this information to alleviate any potential surprises. It is a fact that many artists rely on undisclosed tools to enhance their craft.

Sharing the Knowledge: For those interested in harnessing the power of AI, I offer personalized AI tutoring services. Should you desire to explore this, please reach out, and we can discuss the details.

Ultimately, AI is not a novelty but an integral part of my artistic journey. By embracing the opportunities it presents, I am better equipped to push the boundaries of my creativity. It'll also allow me to future-proof my skillsets and help me remain relevant and marketable. 

Curious about which ones I use? Watch this space.
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