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"Jerlyn O’Donnell, who works at a New York-based healthcare marketing firm, experiments with AI daily.
She’s made OpenAI’s ChatGPT create worksheets for her, serve as a travel guide, and summarize Wikipedia articles about her native country of Dominica—although it got some facts wrong with that task. ChatGPT even wrote the out-of-office message for her trip to Gen AI.
“You don’t want to be the one who’s catching up,” she told The Standard about the technology. “You actually want to be one of the people using it.”
She believes tools like ChatGPT could help healthcare companies rewrite text for people with lower reading levels or explain medications in understandable language.
“In our healthcare sector, we focus a lot on accessibility,” she said. “Our industry saves lives, so you want to make sure the content is understandable to everyone.”
Although many of her friends are afraid of AI and its potential to eliminate human jobs, O’Donnell says she isn’t worried—in her industry, everything must be accurate and must undergo legal review.
“The human behind it still has to fact check anything that is generated,” she said."
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