Was very honoured to have been on a panel with trailblazing women in their fields. I was also pretty impressed by all the questions the women in the audience asked after we answered questions from the moderator—especially to me. The first question was actually to me because I was the only African American. I explained how I was quite fortunate to have a seat at the table and hopefully this encourages other women like her to inspire others who look like us (many girls stuck around to ask me questions after). Of course, I mentioned running marathons and doing triathlons in there at some point. I was also invited back and since STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is now moving toward STEAM (to add art into the mix) I was invited back for other panels they have. Super well done Microsoft.
Takeaway: Inspire young people where you can. Make time for it. They do look up to us. I remember I did.

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